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Cue Sticks ® temporary tattoos were featured on the blog Teach MamaTM, a finalist in the Scholastic's Parent & Child magazine 2010 Parent Blogger Award.

Excerpt from review...

"The messages in my set were seriously perfect for where our kids happened to be at the time. To Cora, I said, Cora, This tattoo is for you. It’s a little penguin with a message that says, ‘You’ll Be OK.’ So when you feel scared of the shadows in your room at nighttime, you just look at your hand and read the message a
nd you’ll be okay.  Her eyes brightened, and she said, It’s for me? Okay, I’ll be okay. It’s good. 

I gave Owen the tattoo that said ‘Never Give Up‘ with the football player on it. He loved it. He had tee-ball that afternoon, and the practice followed a recent game where he needed to use the tee more often than he wanted. (They like to have the ball pitched, and they use the tee after five missed pitches.) He gave me a good, Yeaaaaah, never give up! and ran around for a little, looking at his hand and saying in his toughest little-guy-trying-to-be-a-big-guy voice, Never give up! 

I love these Cue Sticks. I really, really do."

What they're saying about Cue Sticks ® ...

"Cue Sticks work for me. I have lost weight and feel better about food choices I have made."-- Vicky   

"I just received my order in just a day or 2! The tattoos look great! My girls are so excited to wear them when we work on bike riding this weekend." --Stacey

"As a very visual person, I find that the temporary tattoos and stickers are constant reminders that I really can stick to my goals, whatever those goals may be." --Heidi

"I've been a Weight Watchers ® member for some time, and I find that my motivation drops off throughout the week.  Having a little Cue Sticks ® tattoo on my hand is a great way to help me stick with the behavior I am working on for the week i.e. moving more.  No one notices it but me, and it is helping me get to my goal!  --Julie

"The Cue Sticks ®
temporary tattoos I wear are great motivators!  They remind me throughout the day to stay with the program."--Kara  

"These [Cue Sticks ®] are great motivational tools!"--Angie  

"I wore one when I ran today, and it kept me going."--Jenny

"I put the Move More tattoo on my hand.  Whenever I see it, I do a little exercise, like leg lifts when I brush my teeth or jumping jacks when I use the remote.  Every little bit helps."--Lisa

"My son loved the Don't Give Up one.  He wore it to his first soccer practice this season!"--Anne 

 "I'm a PT and I'll give my new clients the Private Eyes tattoos.  Perfect!"--Tim

"They're so easy to put on and take off....just use them for my tough times."-- Claire





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