Energize your team, club or youth group with personalized Cue SticksTM temporary tattoos! 

Contact customerservice@mycuesticks.com to find out how you can get your temporary tattoos with a slogan, motto or phrase of your choice!


Custom CueSticks™ & Fundraising

Have a mantra you'd like on a Cue Sticks™ tattoo or sticker?
We'd love to create it for you! Contact customerservice@mycuesticks.com for custom options & pricing information.

Want to raise money for your team or organization? Sign up for the Cue SticksFundraising Program today!

Are your friends and family tired of buying products from your children that they'll never use? 

Cue Sticks™ products are a new, great alternative that will raise extra money for your school, and provide your friends and family with some quick, fun encouragement and motivation!

Try Something Different This Year! 
*Fun, motivating temporary tattoos & stickers
*People of all ages will love the inspiring designs
*Temporary tattoos proudly made in USA; safe, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic
*Earn 20% of every sale
*No hassle for you
*We take care of paperwork, money collection & product delivery

The Cue Sticks fundraiser can be an excellent opportunity for your supporters to stock up on gifts for their friends and family. Cue Sticks™ temporary tattoos and stickers make a terrific present to have on hand when you just want to give a little something to brighten someone's day.  They're made in the USA which is something you can be proud of and feel confident knowing they're safe to wear.

Easy & Hassle-free Fundraiser
We'll issue your group a unique code to use for any orders placed with www.shop.mycuesticks.com. Your unique code must be used when the order is placed in order to receive credit.  Orders can be placed via our website, 24 hours a day. Each individual order is shipped directly to the customer, and a check is sent to your group for 20% of every sale made with us that uses your unique code. You won't have to collect money or deliver the products. So simple and easy!  There's no need for a due date and your supporters can order all year long!  Just send out quick reminders around holiday season or special events so they can remember to reorder.

Click HERE to Sign Up and Get Started!

Once we receive your info, we'll email you the UNIQUE FUNDRAISING CODE for your organization as well as a .pdf flyer for you to copy and distribute!

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